Multi-Dwelling Units

Smarter Property Management

Our Smarter Property Management Solution redefines the interactions between property managers, residents, and the rental property with a connected apartment solution that increase profitability, convenience, and responsiveness. Distinguish yourself from the competition with technology that adjusts to a resident’s lifestyle, streamlines your operations, and intelligently responds to secure your property.

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Home automation and security drive engagement. Engagement drives retention. Residents use a mobile app to automate their apartment, receive actionable notifications and alerts, check on loved ones (or pets!),and maintain peace of mind while away from home.

Connected locks eliminate your dependence on physical keys and make access control simple
with remote management. Staff and vendor access events are instantly recorded in an audit history database, dramatically improving awareness.

Save money with vacant apartments and extend the life of HVAC units with smart thermostat management. Eliminate re-keying costs with connected locks. Reduce insurance premiums
with water management. These are just a few of the many ways a connected property saves
your business money!

Sensors and devices instantly alert maintenance staff of events such as fire alarms, water leaks, and possible HVAC issues. These devices then spring into action to minimize damage to your property and save you money.