Smarter Security Cameras Deter Intruders With Triggered Lighting

Most burglars look for security cameras and avoid homes that have them installed.
But what about the burglars that don’t? Our smart home security cameras are ready for them.

Our video analytics tool turns our cameras into intelligent “security guards”. They are able to differentiate between objects as people, animals, or vehicles.

When your camera detects something, they can trigger your home’s smart lights, giving you a new intelligent way to protect your home and family. Check it out below:

Here is how this feature increases your level of security:

1. Choose which activities you want to shine a light on

Scenario: At nighttime, you don’t want anybody—family, friend or unwelcome visitor—to be outside your house in the dark. However, you don’t need to light up the neighborhood for every cat or raccoon that wanders through.

Our video analytics service offers a “humans-only” solution. Create a rule that turns your porch lights on after dark when a person or vehicle triggers. Now, every person gets a bright welcome while animals get to stay in the dark.

2. Customize the way your lights react

Unlike old-fashioned motion-triggered lighting, lets you create custom lighting automation with different lights throughout your home.

Those pesky deer are getting in your garden at night or raccoons in your garbage cans? An animal-triggered lighting rule that turns on every outdoor light is an effective solution. For human intruders, however, you can create a second person-triggered rule that includes your upstairs lights, alerting you to the event and possible danger. This also sends a clear signal to the intruder that someone is home and awake.

3. Receive alerts for important video events

Our video analytics also let you set up smarter video alerts. These can also be based on object type. Want to see who arrived in your driveway after dark, without getting an alert for every wildlife visitor? With our video analytics, it’s easy.

Find out more about smarter video alerts here.

Want the smartest security cameras on the block?

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