Stay In Control With Our Business Security App

Have you ever felt like your security system should be able to do more? Maybe your system is outdated or you don’t know how to use it. At LAE we’re here to help you stay in control while getting the most out of your system.

With our smarter business security app, control of your system is at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. Our systems are powered by, and include a top-rated smartphone app that gives you constant control of your security, access and other operational essentials. It opens a direct line of sight to what’s happening at work, keeping you connected and in the know wherever you are.

Business owners consider their app an essential business tool. Here are four reasons why.

1. Security without the doorway dash

There’s only one way to turn an older alarm system on: use the keypad, then make a fast exit.

With smart business security, a couple of taps on your for Business app is all it takes to arm your security system for the night. You can also take your time to lock up and leave before you turn the alarm on. That stressful closing-time “doorway dash” will (thankfully) be no more.

Worried that your employees will forget to arm the system when they leave and you’re not there? Receive a reminder on your smartphone or set your system to automatically arm at closing time for extra peace of mind.

2. Valuable alerts that keep you in the know

As well as protecting you from forgetfulness,’s smartphone alerts keep you aware of important activity that you might otherwise miss.

Your app can let you know instantly when something isn’t right—a door left open, or someone entering an off-limits area—enabling you to quickly address the problem. You can also set up daily alerts to notify you that your business opened and closed on time. This will help eliminate many everyday worries.

3. Live video feeds for instant insight and recording for peace of mind

Whether it’s the middle of the night or the busiest time of day, your app’s video feeds make it easy to see what’s happening at work.

With smart video monitoring, your app can show you live or recorded video footage from any camera, anywhere in your business, anytime. The app also has integrated activity history that makes footage easy to locate when you need to find a specific event that happened. With one touch you can download it directly to your phone.

4. Remote access control for convenience

With smarter access control technology, for Business gives you full control of your business from anywhere. Unexpected delivery? Employee forgotten their smart lock user code? Now, you can quickly respond to these unexpected situations in seconds. Here’s how easy it is.

Ready to take control of your business? for Business technology includes connected security, access control, video surveillance and energy management, all controlled with a single, smart app or web dashboard.

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